Our Repair Services

Mike's Watch performs a wide variety of services on Mechanical & Quartz watches. Here's a brief list of our top watch repairs:


Overhauls involve complete disassembly of the watch case, which includes ultrasonic cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly. The overhaul process varies depending on whether the watch is quartz or mechanical. For mechanical movements, we install new mainsprings whereas quartz movements receive replacement batteries. After that, we inspect all other interior elements and issue substitutions as needed. Before we put the movement back together, we conduct a thorough cleaning as well as refinishing. Once we reassemble the movement, we seal the stem along with the crown, and then replace the case back gasket. Upon completion, we conduct a series of tests over a 72 hour period. During that time, we evaluate the watch’s accuracy, water resistance, and functionality. If your watch passes inspection, then we ship it back to you. Otherwise, we attempt to fix any additional maintenance


A broken watch crystal renders your timepiece unwearable. Luckily, Total Watch Repair handles crystal replacements! We carry manufacturer issued crystals, generic plastic or mineral glass, and scratch-free sapphire crystal. Want a custom made crystal? Let the Mike’s Watches professionals create a custom watch crystal for you!


Mike’s Watches will make sure that your waterproof or water resistant watch lives up to its title. Water pressure testing is a must any time the watch case is opened for inspection or repairs. We automatically conduct a water pressure test on any watch labeled as water resistant or waterproof. You may also purchase this examination separately.


Watches get dirty and scratched from daily use. We begin the process by polishing and buffing your timepiece. Our certfied watchmakers have ability bring back your old watch to factory new standard any given day.

Yet, Don’t want to buy a new band? Let us fix your broken strap! Whether you have a broken link, pin, or clasp, we’ll be able to repair your bracelet and replace any defective parts.

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